John Richardson was dedicated to producing a true colloid of silver efficiently whereby everyone could afford it. Below is his story.

John Richardson, an electrical engineer & Inventor, whose philosophy may best be described as “improvise and improve” spent eight years of his life trying to efficiently develop a true colloidal silver solution.

Prior to his work on colloidal silver he invented and improved many things: A lasher for a cable company that increased production from 25ft per man hour to 750ft per man hour of lashed cable in the air, fabricated automated machinery to improve the production of adobe bricks for the California housing industry, automated candle-making, updated oil and gas refining, increased automobile fuel economy, and improved the generation of electricity.

In 1983, when diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, John asked a friend, who had done extensive research into natural medicines, what to take. She suggested colloidal silver but told him if he did discover where to purchase some it would be very expensive. “I found that my friend’s predictions were true. It was extremely rare and costly.” said John, “The problem of affordably producing a true colloidal silver intrigued me. The more information I found convinced me that colloidal silver should be readily available to the public.”

John started researching Dr. Alfred B Searle’s notes, and used his published descriptions of final product as a guide. Here are some of Dr. Searle’s writings.

“Colloidal silver concentrated at 500 ppm of the metal in colloidal form and not as a salt as a “clear, cherry red liquid.”

“I found that solutions which are not true colloids depend on additives to keep the silver suspended.”

“Research indicated particles must be very small, 0.005 to 0.015 microns or less and be electorally charged, to hold suspension properly.”

“Any additives destroy or inhibit the action of the silver. The solution must be pure silver and distilled water.”

After 8 years John’s expertise as an electrical engineer however, was still not enough to discover the correct process to produce colloidal silver that met the approved guidelines. While studying one night John felt that he was inspired by a spiritual source to use a very specific frequency and a specific voltage to cause current to pass through distilled water. John devised computerized hardware and soft wear to produce colloidal silver correctly and efficiently. John’s new process would now allow him to produce large quantities of quality colloidal silver at an affordable price.

John never believed that he could take credit for discovering this process and he believed throughout the remainder of his life that he was only able to obtain the process through divine guidance.

John took a sample to the FDA and presented it to them. They agreed that he had produced colloidal silver that met pre-1938 conditions. He received a FDA registration number, the only producer to receive such a number, and his product was grandfathered in to make pre-1938 claims.

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