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There are many silver solutions on the market. Our learning center will help inform you on where Colloidal Silver began as well as inform you on what products are out there and what makes them different.

The word has spread about the benefits of Colloidal Silver and popularity is growing for the use of Colloidal Silver. Many new companies are popping up and producing what they falsely claim to be Colloidal Silver. There are also companies that give there solution a fancy name in order to confuse the consumer. However, just as Mr. Searle faced many crude preparations in the past giving Colloidal Silver a bad name, we are experiencing the same thing today. Silver in any form has its benefits but when it comes to internal consumption of Colloidal Silver, when prepared incorrectly, it can also have its dangers as well. There are no documented cases of Argyria when consuming properly prepared Colloidal Silver.

Alfred B Searle says it best, “From what has already been stated it will be seen that the application of colloidal sols to diseased conditions of the human body is distinctly encouraging, but like all other new ideas it has had its share of drawbacks and discouragements, due in almost every instance to ignorance. Among other causes the premature supply of improperly prepared and unstable colloids has been one of the most serious sources of trouble.”

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