10 Tests of the International Colloidal Silver Council

Because there are so many different brands of Colloidal Silver on the market, it is important to know their differences, in order to choose the most effective “true” Colloidal Silver. The product you choose should meet the following criteria to be considered a high quality solution. It should:

1. Be manufactured by the Electrocolloidal (electrolytic) Process.

2. Contain a large number of superfine particles of Silver that are no bigger than 0.005-0.015 microns in diameter. Research has demonstrated this to be the optimal range for particle size to have the most effective Colloidal Silver preparation.

3. Contain at least 3 and no more than 10 ppm (parts per million) of 99.999% Silver in the solution.

4. Have a pH of approximately 6.5. In addition to items 2 and 3, pH can affect the body’s ability to utilize the Colloidal Silver. The idea is to have a solution as close to the body’s natural state as possible.

5. Not contain chemicals, proteins, artificial stabilizers, additives or food coloring. If the product requires refrigeration, there must be an additional ingredient that might spoil if left out in normal room temperature. With properly prepared Colloidal Silver, there should be no need for any additional ingredients. True electrolytically-made Colloidal Silver should only consist of Silver and water. Too much salt in the solution can inhibit the uptake of the Silver by the body, upsetting the body’s balance and causing deposits of Silver rather than Silver in colloidal state in the body.

6. Be a naturally clear yellow or golden yellow color. Beware of products that are darker, especially black, gray, brown and murky colors. Stay away from colored bottles (blue or amber), as they usually hide an incorrect color or sedimentation.

7. Be a solution relatively clear and free of any sediment or particles of Silver either floating in the liquid or settled on the bottom of the bottle. Even if these particles of sediment appear to become suspended when the bottle is shaken, they will not be small enough and will not stay in colloidal suspension when taken into the body. These particles will not be effective: in fact, the effectiveness of the entire solution would be questionable as most of the particles in it would not be of small enough size.

8. Have consistency of water. If it is thick or syrupy, it most likely contains artificial additives, stabilizers, proteins, etc. These kinds of products should be avoided (see number 5).

9. Meet the pre-1938 standards as outlined by the International Colloidal Silver Council.

10. If possible, perform the quick test for the Faraday-Tyndall effect as outlined in Chapter 5. The true Colloidal Silver suspension should exhibit a “cone effect” when a narrow beam of light shines through it.

A product bearing the ICSC Seal of Approval guarantees that it has met all ten of these criteria in accordance with pre-I938 standards, and is manufactured for optimal safety and effectiveness. A properly prepared Colloidal Silver is tasteless, odorless, and is safe for human consumption.

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