Particle Size vs Concentration

Most of us believe more is better so when you see a product that claims to have 200ppm it must be better than 10ppm right?

PPM is not a measurement of particle size. It is a measurement of silver content.

We also know through testing that properly prepared Colloidal Silver is effective in doses as little as 5 ppm.

Much of the confusion among consumers of Colloidal Silver has been about the optimum concentration. Misinformed manufacturers believing in the old axiom that “more is better” have created this confusion by giving out incorrect information. It is a large amount of particles that is necessary, not a large amount of Silver.

The idea is to have ultra-fine, electrically charged particles — and lots of them — to saturate the tissues, while still being able to enter the cells. The particles must be as small and independently acting as possible, to be properly absorbed.

This particle size becomes the crucial factor involved in selection of the most effective Colloidal Silver. Because of the tiny electrical charge on each particle in a correctly manufactured Colloidal Silver, the particles repel each other, preventing the clumping that might otherwise occur. Gravity pulls to the bottom of the bottle any Silver particles that are too large. The body cannot absorb these larger particles, so even if the bottle is shaken or if they are suspended by stabilizers, large-sized Silver particles are not used and are ineffective. They may cause argyria, bluing of the skin caused by deposits of Silver in the skin.

Optimal Silver particle size for best results and safe use is  0.005-0.015 microns in diameter (5-15 nanometers). It would take 100,000 particles to fit in the period at the end of this sentence. When the Silver particles are small enough, Brownian Movement (naturally occurring vibration) enables them to remain suspended in a liquid, almost indefinitely and without stabilizers.

The optimal Colloidal Silver product has a small concentration of Silver, the best concentration being 3-10 parts per million (ppm), and an enormously large number of electrostatically charged microscopic Silver particles — all of uniform size. Do not be fooled by higher concentrations of Silver. Frequently, solutions of higher concentrations contain Silver particles that are too large and fewer in number.

When looking at products on the market that have higher ppm take into consideration that a couple things may cause them to do this.

1. If it is a silver protein you may be getting very large particles which are not effective and are potentially dangerous to your health.

2. Because the supplement market is not regulated the label may be incorrect. We know of companies that say they have 2000 ppm and it tested at under 1ppm.

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