Stability and Effectiveness

Alphred B Searle uses the word or a form of the word stable many times in all of his records as well as giving detailed descriptions of the most stable solutions.

Because of this we know the importance of having the most stable solution. When it comes to the most important factors of a solution here is our list:

(Most importantly make sure it is a colloid)

  1. Stability
  2. Particle Size
  3. Process it is made
  4. Concentration/ PPM

While other companies out there may try and deceive you into believing that particle size and concentration are the most important we know better and here is why:

The importance of having a stable product that can reach the bloodstream unchanged is of great importance because it directly correlates to the effectiveness of the product. True Colloidal Silver provides this whereas other preparations do not.

Bioavailability – The amount of unchanged drug that reaches the systemic circulation or how much Colloidal Silver reaches the blood stream.

When taken internally True Colloidal Silver remains the same (it does not react to other element inside the body). This means you have a more bioavailable solution which is more effective when taken internally.

Mr. Searle states, “When prepared under suitable conditions and properly “protected,” colloidal silver sol is quite stable even in the presence of salts and of the normal constituents of the blood.”

We can also look at the other side and what creates low bioavailability according to the Merck Manuel:

Chemical reactions that reduce absorption can decrease bioavailability. If it is highly ionized and polar, time at the absorption site may be insufficient.

Ionic Silver is highly reactive by nature and will react with other element when ingested.  Most predominantly chloride which when combined with silver creates silver chloride which is an insoluble compound that is not effective.

The solution must be stable while being stored.

Companies that do not have a stable solution are aware of this and they put warnings on their bottles. These warnings will say keep away from direct sunlight, avoid extreme heat, the product has an expiration, or do not refrigerate.

True colloidal silver does not require special treatment for storage. Sunlight will not negatively affect the particles in suspension. A true colloid will never expire

“There are two principal ways of producing metallic colloids, viz., chemical and electrical…The two methods of production yield widely different results, and from a therapeutical point of view I need only deal with the electric colloid metals, since only these present the necessary homogeneity, minuteness of granules, purity, and stability,” concludes Dr. Leonard Keene Hirshberg, A.M.M.D. (John Hopkins University) after studying the health benefits of Colloidal Silver in its various forms.

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