What Is Silver Protein?

Also known as “mild silver protein”, silver protein is made of silver particles suspended with a protein binder. While various binders may be used, gelatin, casein, and soy are what are used most often in the market.

Typically the particles in a silver protein are much larger in size. Particles of larger size will not stay in suspension and that is why they need the protein binder to stay suspended.  One company says they have a particle of 2 nanometers. Size alone is not enough to keep a solution stable. This company has chosen, because of inferior technology, to use protein as its stabilizing agent. We at True colloidal silver along with Mr. Searle prefer the most pure form of colloidal silver and know that any additives added to the solution can affect the stability and effectiveness of the solution.

There are problems associated with silver protein: Unhealthy bacteria have been found in silver protein products. Because protein fosters the growth of bacteria and fungus, silver protein products should not be used in the sinus cavities, lungs, eyes or ears.

Because it is not always labeled those who are allergic to casein, gelatin, or soy may experience an allergic reaction when ingested.

To identify a silver protein you can look for a few things:

  • Silver proteins are normally sold at very high ppm. 50-500ppm
  • An unsuspecting consumer might be impressed by the high concentrations of silver found in these products, but in fact high silver concentrations are not necessarily a good thing. Because ppm measures only total metal content and not the size of the particle you may be ingesting particles of large size that are not effective and potentially toxic.
  • A simple test for to identify silver protein: Silver proteins when shaken create foam that will persist for minutes after being shaken.
  • Other ways to identify silver protein may be on the bottle: Not intended for extended use, Avoid direct sunlight, store at room temperature.

Natural Path Silver Wings is the most well know silver protein on the market. They’re marketing material states, “In order to maintain a true colloidal silver, it is necessary to have a stabilizing agent: salt or protein. Over a period of time, colloidal silver that doesn’t not contain protein, may clump together.

We know this isn’t true however we ask ourselves if this is your belief then why does your bottle not state that you are a silver protein? Why are you not giving a full disclosure on your bottle?

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